mpas_tools.mesh.interpolation.interp_bilin(x, y, field, xCell, yCell)[source]

Perform bilinear interpolation of field on a tensor grid to cell centers on an MPAS mesh. xCell and yCell must be bounded by x and y, respectively.

If x and y coordinates are longitude and latitude, respectively, it is recommended that they be passed in degrees to avoid round-off problems at the north and south poles and at the date line.

  • x (ndarray) – x coordinate of the input field (length n)

  • y (ndarray) – y coordinate fo the input field (length m)

  • field (ndarray) – a field of size m x n

  • xCell (ndarray) – x coordinate of MPAS cell centers

  • yCell (ndarray) – y coordinate of MPAS cell centers


mpasField (ndarray) – field interpoyed to MPAS cell centers