CIME Constants

The module mpas_tools.cime.constants contains constants that are in sync with CIME, which provides infrastructure and utilities for Earth System Models such at E3SM. Currently, we sync only those constants given numerical values in CIME, not those that are derivied from other constants. Constants are checked against their values on CIME’s master branch during tests of the conda build. See mpas_tools.tests.test_cime_constants.test_cime_constants().

Some of the constants most likely to be useful in MPAS-Tools, COMPASS and other related projects are:

  • SHR_CONST_CDAY - sec in calendar day (s)

  • SHR_CONST_REARTH - radius of Earth (m)

  • SHR_CONST_G - acceleration of gravity (m/s^2)

  • SHR_CONST_RHOFW - density of fresh water (kg/m^3)

  • SHR_CONST_RHOSW - density of sea water (kg/m^3)

  • SHR_CONST_RHOICE - density of ice (kg/m^3)

  • SHR_CONST_CPFW - specific heat of fresh water (J/kg/K)

  • SHR_CONST_CPSW - specific heat of sea water (J/kg/K)

  • SHR_CONST_CPICE - specific heat of fresh ice (J/kg/K)

  • SHR_CONST_LATICE - latent heat of fusion (J/kg)

  • SHR_CONST_LATVAP - latent heat of evaporation (J/kg)