Important notesΒΆ

Besides supporting execution on GPUs, there are several other points worth noting about the GPU-enabled MPAS-Atmosphere code:

  • The GPU-enabled code branch is based on MPAS v6.x, and while there are plans to bring the code up-to-date with v7.0 by early 2021, anyone with a need for capabilities or fixes found only in MPAS v7.0 (e.g., limited-area simulation) may prefer to use the standard release of MPAS-Atmosphere.

  • MPAS-Atmosphere is the only core that is supported (or expected to work) in this code branch.

  • In order to make use of all available compute resource on a node, this code branch contains changes to run the RRTMG radiation schemes on CPUs using a lagged model state, while the rest of the model runs on GPUs. See the section on lagged radiation for more details.

  • At present, only the mesoscale_reference physics suite is supported.