The most recent MPAS-Atmosphere tutorial — based on MPAS v5.1 — was presented at the 18th Annual WRF Users’s Workshop. The slides for this tutorial may be found here. Note that these slides are aimed at those with knowledge of the WRF modeling system, but they may still be useful for anyone.

The previous MPAS-Atmosphere tutorial was presented at the NCAR-NCAS WRF/MPAS course on 19 September 2015 in Chester, UK. In conjunction with the MPAS-Atmosphere Users' Guide, the presentation slides, below, are intended to aid new users of MPAS-Atmosphere with previous modeling experience.

  1. Overview
  2. MPAS meshes
  3. The MPAS-Atmosphere solver and physics
  4. Compiling and running MPAS-Atmosphere
  5. Summary

The practical exercises used in the tutorial, as well as a download link for their supporting files, may be found here: