MPAS-Albany Land Ice Public Releases

All versions of the MPAS source code are available on Github: as archive files or as git repositories

The above link will take you to the MPAS download pages. If downloading an archive, you will select the version of the code you would like from a list. If cloning a git repository, you will get all releases in your clone. Once you have cloned the repository, you can see the releases available with 'git tag' and checkout the release version you want with 'git checkout TAGNAME'. (Note: All cores are part of the MPAS downloads, but the first version that contains the Land Ice core is v2.0.) It is not recommended to use versions of the Land Ice core older than v6.0.

Download and build instructions for the Albany multiphysics package that includes the the First-Order velocity solver in MPAS-Albany Land Ice can be found at the Albany repository.

MPAS-Albany Land Ice Public Releases
Version Number Date Description User's Guide Test Cases
6.0 April 17, 2018 Addition of Albany FO velocity solver, thermal solver, subglacial hydrology model, calving, analysis members, coupling to E3SM. v6.0 User's Guide v6.0 Test Case Archive
3.0 Nov. 18, 2014 Introduction of run-time streams n/a n/a
2.0 Nov. 15, 2013 Initial release of LI core n/a n/a