MPAS-Land-Ice is being designed for large-scale, hi-resolution simulations of ice sheet dynamics, using Finite Element Methods on variable resolution meshes (A sample SCVT mesh for Greenland is shown at left).

MPAS-Land-Ice will initially be released with support for standard test cases used in verifying model performance. Eventually, support for standard ice sheet configurations will also be included (e.g., stand-alone Greenland and Antarctica simulations).

Prototype dynamcial cores for MPAS-Land-Ice have shown good agreement with manufactured solutions and standard test cases, and have been used in land ice evolution experiments aimed at informing the IPCC AR5 on the potential for future sea-level rise from ice sheets (e.g., the Ice2Sea international assessment project).

Two dynamical cores are currently under development for implementation within MPAS-Land-Ice. These include a 1st-order accurate approximation to the momentum balance equations, a prototype of which has been described by Perego et al. (2012) , and a "full" Stokes momentum balance, described in Leng et al. (2012).

Simulated velocity fields for 1st-order accurate MPAS-Land-Ice and CISM

MPAS-Land-Ice is presently developed and maintained by the land ice model development team within the COSIM project at Los Alamos National Laboratory , with significant contributions to dynamical core development from colleagues at Sandia National Laboratory, Florida State University, and University of South Carolina.

The primary sponsor for the development of MPAS-Land-Ice is the Climate and Environmental Sciences Division within the Department of Energy. Dynamical core development for MPAS-Land-Ice is supported under the DOE SciDAC PISCEES project.