mpas_analysis.__main__.add_task_and_subtasks(analysisTask, analysesToGenerate, verbose, callCheckGenerate=True)[source]

If a task has been requested through the generate config option or if it is a prerequisite of a requested task, add it to the dictionary of tasks to generate.

  • analysisTask (AnalysisTask) – A task to be added

  • analysesToGenerate (OrderedDict of AnalysisTask) – The list of analysis tasks to be generated, which this call may update to include this task and its subtasks

  • verbose (bool) – Whether to write out a full stack trace when exceptions occur during setup_and_check() calls for each task

  • callCheckGenerate (bool) – Whether the check_generate method should be call for this task to see if it has been requested. We skip this for subtasks and prerequisites, since they are needed by another task regardless of whether the user specifically requested them.