mpas_analysis.shared.climatology.compute_monthly_climatology(ds, calendar=None, maskVaries=True)[source]

Compute monthly climatologies from a data set. The mean is weighted but the number of days in each month of the data set, ignoring values masked out with NaNs. If the month coordinate is not present, a data array month will be added based on Time and the provided calendar.

  • ds (xarray.Dataset or xarray.DataArray) – A data set with a Time coordinate expressed as days since 0001-01-01 or month coordinate

  • calendar ({'gregorian', 'noleap'}, optional) – The name of one of the calendars supported by MPAS cores, used to determine month from Time coordinate, so must be supplied if ds does not already have a month coordinate or data array

  • maskVaries (bool, optional) – If the mask (where variables in ds are NaN) varies with time. If not, the weighted average does not need make extra effort to account for the mask. Most MPAS fields will have masks that don’t vary in time, whereas observations may sometimes be present only at some times and not at others, requiring maskVaries = True.


climatology (object of same type as ds) – A data set without the 'Time' coordinate containing the mean of ds over all months in monthValues, weighted by the number of days in each month.