mpas_analysis.shared.climatology.get_remapper(config, sourceDescriptor, comparisonDescriptor, mappingFilePrefix, method, logger=None, vertices=False)[source]

Given config options and descriptions of the source and comparison grids, returns a pyremap.Remapper object that can be used to remap from source files or data sets to corresponding data sets on the comparison grid.

If necessary, creates the mapping file containing weights and indices needed to perform remapping.

  • config (mpas_tools.config.MpasConfigParser) – Contains configuration options

  • sourceDescriptor (pyremap.MeshDescriptor) – A description of the source mesh or grid

  • comparisonDescriptor (pyremap.MeshDescriptor) – A description of the comparison grid

  • mappingFilePrefix (str) – A prefix to be prepended to the mapping file name

  • method ({'bilinear', 'neareststod', 'conserve'}) – The method of interpolation used.

  • logger (logging.Logger, optional) – A logger to which ncclimo output should be redirected

  • vertices (bool, optional) – Whether to remap from vertices, rather than cells


remapper (pyremap.Remapper) – A remapper that can be used to remap files or data sets from the source grid or mesh to the comparison grid.