PlotClimatologyMapSubtask.set_plot_info(outFileLabel, fieldNameInTitle, mpasFieldName, refFieldName, refTitleLabel, unitsLabel, imageCaption, galleryGroup, groupSubtitle, groupLink, galleryName, diffTitleLabel='Model - Observations', configSectionName=None, maskMinThreshold=None, maskMaxThreshold=None, extend=None)[source]

Store attributes related to plots, plot file names and HTML output.

  • outFileLabel (str) – The prefix on each plot and associated XML file

  • fieldNameInTitle (str) – The name of the field being plotted, as used in the plot title

  • mpasFieldName (str) – The name of the variable in the MPAS timeSeriesStatsMonthly output

  • refFieldName (str) – The name of the variable to use from the observations or reference file

  • refTitleLabel (str) – the title of the observations or reference subplot

  • unitsLabel (str) – the units of the plotted field, to be displayed on color bars

  • imageCaption (str) – the caption when mousing over the plot or displaying it full screen

  • galleryGroup (str) – the name of the group of galleries in which this plot belongs

  • groupSubtitle (str or None) – the subtitle of the group in which this plot belongs (or blank if none)

  • groupLink (str) – a short name (with no spaces) for the link to the gallery group

  • galleryName (str or None) – the name of the gallery in which this plot belongs

  • diffTitleLabel (str, optional) – the title of the difference subplot

  • configSectionName (str or None, optional) – the name of the section where the color map and range is defined, default is the name of the task

  • maskMinThreshold (float or None, optional) – a value below which the field is mask out in plots

  • maskMaxThreshold (float or None, optional) – a value above which the field is mask out in plots

  • extend ({'neither', 'both', 'min', 'max'}, optional) – Determines the contourf-coloring of values that are outside the range of the levels provided if using an indexed colormap.