mpas_analysis.shared.plot.colormap.setup_colormap(config, configSectionName, suffix='')[source]

Set up a colormap from the registry

  • config (instance of ConfigParser) – the configuration, containing a [plot] section with options that control plotting

  • configSectionName (str) – name of config section

  • suffix (str, optional) – suffix of colormap related options


colormapDict (dict) – A dictionary of colormap information.

’colormap’ specifies the name of the new colormap

’norm’ is a matplotlib norm object used to normalize the colormap

’levels’ is an array of contour levels or None if not using indexed color map

’ticks’ is an array of values where ticks should be placed

’contours’ is an array of contour values to plot or None if none have been specified

’lineWidth’ is the width of contour lines or None if not specified

’lineColor’ is the color of contour lines or None if not specified