mpas_analysis.shared.plot.plot_polar_comparison(config, lon, lat, modelArray, refArray, diffArray, colorMapSectionName, fileout, title=None, plotProjection='npstere', latmin=50.0, lon0=0, modelTitle='Model', refTitle='Observations', diffTitle='Model-Observations', cbarlabel='units', titleFontSize=None, defaultFontSize=None, figsize=None, dpi=None, vertical=False, maxTitleLength=None)[source]

Plots a data set around either the north or south pole.

  • config (mpas_tools.config.MpasConfigParser) – the configuration, containing a [plot] section with options that control plotting

  • lon (float arrays) – longitude and latitude arrays

  • lat (float arrays) – longitude and latitude arrays

  • modelArray (numpy.ndarray) – model and observational or control run data sets

  • refArray (numpy.ndarray) – model and observational or control run data sets

  • diffArray (float array) – difference between modelArray and refArray

  • colorMapSectionName (str) – section name in config where color map info can be found.

  • fileout (str) – the file name to be written

  • title (str, optional) – the subtitle of the plot

  • plotProjection ({'npstere', 'spstere'}, optional) – projection for the plot (north or south pole)

  • modelTitle (str, optional) – title of the model panel

  • refTitle (str, optional) – title of the observations or control run panel

  • diffTitle (str, optional) – title of the difference (bias) panel

  • cbarlabel (str, optional) – label on the colorbar

  • titleFontSize (int, optional) – size of the title font

  • defaultFontSize (int, optional) – the size of text other than the title

  • figsize (tuple of float, optional) – the size of the figure in inches. If None, the figure size is (8, 22) if vertical == True and (22, 8) otherwise.

  • dpi (int, optional) – the number of dots per inch of the figure, taken from section plot option dpi in the config file by default

  • vertical (bool, optional) – whether the subplots should be stacked vertically rather than horizontally

  • maxTitleLength (int or None, optional) – the maximum number of characters in the title, beyond which it is truncated with a trailing ellipsis. The default is from the maxTitleLength config option.