Meridional Heat Transport (MHT)


The Trenbert and Caron oceanic meridional heat transport is computed by computation of energy balance of the atmosphere, adjusted to fit physical constraints, and using two reanalysis products: the National Centers for Environmental Prediction-National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCEP-NCAR) reanalysis and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) product. The analysis focuses on the period from February 1985 to April 1989 when there are reliable top-of-the-atmosphere radiation data from the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment.


Data available upon request from Dr. Kevin Trenberth

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Acknowledgment: please cite: Trenberth and Caron (2001). Estimates of Meridional Atmosphere and Ocean Heat Transports, J. of Climate, 14, 3433-3443.


Trenberth and Caron (2001)

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