Source code for compass.config

import os
import configparser
from io import StringIO
from importlib import resources

[docs]def duplicate_config(config): """ Make a deep copy of config to changes can be made without affecting the original Parameters ---------- config : configparser.ConfigParser Configuration options Returns ------- new_config : configparser.ConfigParser Deep copy of configuration options """ config_string = StringIO() config.write(config_string) # We must reset the buffer to make it ready for reading. new_config = configparser.ConfigParser( interpolation=configparser.ExtendedInterpolation()) new_config.read_file(config_string) return new_config
[docs]def add_config(config, package, config_file, exception=True): """ Add the contents of a config file within a package to the current config parser Parameters ---------- config : configparser.ConfigParser Configuration options package : str or Package The package where ``config_file`` is found config_file : str The name of the config file to add exception : bool Whether to raise an exception if the config file isn't found """ try: with resources.path(package, config_file) as path: except (ModuleNotFoundError, FileNotFoundError, TypeError): if exception: raise
def merge_other_config(config, other_config): """ Add config options from the other config parser to this one Parameters ---------- config : configparser.ConfigParser Configuration options other_config : configparser.ConfigParser Configuration options to add """ for section in other_config.sections(): if not config.has_section(section): config.add_section(section) for key, value in other_config.items(section): config.set(section, key, value)
[docs]def ensure_absolute_paths(config): """ make sure all paths in the paths, namelists and streams sections are absolute paths Parameters ---------- config : configparser.ConfigParser Configuration options """ for section in ['paths', 'namelists', 'streams', 'executables']: for option, value in config.items(section): value = os.path.abspath(value) config.set(section, option, value)
[docs]def get_source_file(source_path, source, config): """ Get an absolute path given a tag name for that path Parameters ---------- source_path : str The keyword path for a path as defined in :ref:`dev_config`, a config option from a relative or absolute directory for the source source : str The basename or relative path of the source within the ``source_path`` directory config : configparser.ConfigParser Configuration options used to determine the the absolute paths for the given ``source_path`` """ if config.has_option('paths', source_path): source_path = config.get('paths', source_path) source_file = '{}/{}'.format(source_path, source) source_file = os.path.abspath(source_file) return source_file