Source code for compass.list

import argparse
import re
import sys
import os
from importlib import resources
from importlib.resources import contents

from compass.mpas_cores import get_mpas_cores

[docs]def list_cases(test_expr=None, number=None, verbose=False): """ List the available test cases Parameters ---------- test_expr : str, optional A regular expression for a test path name to search for number : int, optional The number of the test to list verbose : bool, optional Whether to print details of each test or just the subdirectories. When applied to suites, verbose will list the tests in the suite. """ mpas_cores = get_mpas_cores() if number is None: print('Testcases:') test_cases = [] for mpas_core in mpas_cores: for test_group in mpas_core.test_groups.values(): for test_case in test_group.test_cases.values(): test_cases.append(test_case) for test_number, test_case in enumerate(test_cases): print_number = False print_test = False if number is not None: if number == test_number: print_test = True elif test_expr is None or re.match(test_expr, test_case.path): print_test = True print_number = True if print_test: number_string = '{:d}: '.format(test_number).rjust(6) if print_number: prefix = number_string else: prefix = '' if verbose: lines = list() to_print = {'path': test_case.path, 'name':, 'MPAS core':, 'test group':, 'subdir': test_case.subdir} for key in to_print: key_string = '{}: '.format(key).ljust(15) lines.append('{}{}{}'.format(prefix, key_string, to_print[key])) if print_number: prefix = ' ' lines.append('{}steps:'.format(prefix)) for step in test_case.steps.values(): if == step.subdir: lines.append('{} - {}'.format(prefix, else: lines.append('{} - {}: {}'.format(prefix,, step.subdir)) lines.append('') print_string = '\n'.join(lines) else: print_string = '{}{}'.format(prefix, test_case.path) print(print_string)
[docs]def list_machines(): machine_configs = contents('compass.machines') print('Machines:') for config in machine_configs: if config.endswith('.cfg'): print(' {}'.format(os.path.splitext(config)[0]))
[docs]def list_suites(cores=None, verbose=False): if cores is None: cores = [ for mpas_core in get_mpas_cores()] print('Suites:') for core in cores: try: suites = contents('compass.{}.suites'.format(core)) except FileNotFoundError: continue for suite in sorted(suites): print_header_if_cached = True if suite.endswith('.txt'): print(' -c {} -t {}'.format(core, os.path.splitext(suite)[0])) if verbose: text = resources.read_text( 'compass.{}.suites'.format(core), suite) tests = list() for test in text.split('\n'): test = test.strip() if test == 'cached': print('\t Cached steps: all') elif test.startswith('cached'): if print_header_if_cached: print('\t Cached steps:') # don't print the header again if there are # multiple lines of cached steps print_header_if_cached = False print(test.replace('cached: ', '\t ')) elif (len(test) > 0 and test not in tests and not test.startswith('#')): print("\t* {}".format(test)) print_header_if_cached = True
def main(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description='List the available test cases or machines', prog='compass list') parser.add_argument("-t", "--test_expr", dest="test_expr", help="A regular expression for a test path name to " "search for", metavar="TEST") parser.add_argument("-n", "--number", dest="number", type=int, help="The number of the test to list") parser.add_argument("--machines", dest="machines", action="store_true", help="List supported machines (instead of test cases)") parser.add_argument("--suites", dest="suites", action="store_true", help="List test suites (instead of test cases)") parser.add_argument("-v", "--verbose", dest="verbose", action="store_true", help="List details of each test case, not just the " "path. When applied to suites, verbose lists " "the tests contained in each suite.") args = parser.parse_args(sys.argv[2:]) if args.machines: list_machines() elif args.suites: list_suites(verbose=args.verbose) else: list_cases(test_expr=args.test_expr, number=args.number, verbose=args.verbose)