compass.suite.setup_suite(mpas_core, suite_name, config_file=None, machine=None, work_dir=None, baseline_dir=None, mpas_model_path=None)[source]

Set up a test suite

  • mpas_core (str) – The MPAS core (‘ocean’, ‘landice’, etc.) of the test suite

  • suite_name (str) – The name of the test suite. A file <suite_name>.txt must exist within the core’s suites package that lists the paths of the tests in the suite

  • config_file (str, optional) – Configuration file with custom options for setting up and running test cases

  • machine (str, optional) – The name of one of the machines with defined config options, which can be listed with compass list --machines

  • work_dir (str, optional) – A directory that will serve as the base for creating test case directories

  • baseline_dir (str, optional) – Location of baselines that can be compared to

  • mpas_model_path (str, optional) – The relative or absolute path to the root of a branch where the MPAS model has been built