compass.ocean.tests.isomip_plus.geom.process_input_geometry(inFileName, outFileName, filterSigma, minIceThickness, scale=1.0)[source]

Process the BISICLES input geometry from ISOMIP+. This includes:

  • reading in the bathymetry and ice topography

  • scaling the ice draft

  • implementing a simple calving scheme based on a thickness threshold

  • smoothing the topography

  • writing the processed topography out to a file

  • inFileName (str) – The file name of the original BISICLES geometry

  • outFileName (str) – The file name of the processed geometry

  • filterSigma (float) – The distance over which to smooth the geometry (in km)

  • minIceThickness (float) – The minimum ice thickness, below which it is calved (removed and replaced with open ocean)

  • scale (float) – A fraction by which to scale the ice draft (as a very simple way of testing dynamic topography)