class compass.ocean.tests.global_ocean.mesh.so12to60.SO12to60BaseMesh(test_case, name='base_mesh', subdir=None, cell_width=None)[source]

A step for creating SO12to60 meshes

__init__(test_case, name='base_mesh', subdir=None, cell_width=None)

Create a new step

  • test_case (compass.testcase.TestCase) – The test case this step belongs to

  • name (str, optional) – the name of the step

  • subdir ({str, None}, optional) – the subdirectory for the step

  • cell_width (float, optional) – The approximate cell width in km of the mesh if constant resolution


__init__(test_case[, name, subdir, cell_width])

Create a new step

add_input_file([filename, target, database, ...])

Add an input file to the step (but not necessarily to the MPAS model).


make a link to the model executable and add it to the inputs

add_namelist_file(package, namelist[, ...])

Add a file with updates to namelist options to the step to be parsed when generating a complete namelist file if and when the step gets set up.

add_namelist_options(options[, out_name, mode])

Add the namelist replacements to be parsed when generating a namelist file if and when the step gets set up.


Add the output file that must be produced by this step and may be made available as an input to steps, perhaps in other test cases.

add_streams_file(package, streams[, ...])

Add a streams file to the step to be parsed when generating a complete streams file if and when the step gets set up.


Create cell width array for this mesh on a regular latitude-longitude grid


Constrain cpus_per_task and ntasks based on the number of cores available to this step

make_jigsaw_mesh(lon, lat, cell_width)

Build the JIGSAW mesh.


Process the inputs to and outputs from a step added with compass.Step.add_input_file() and compass.Step.add_output_file().


Run this step of the test case


Update attributes of the step at runtime before calling the run() method.

save_and_plot_cell_width(lon, lat, cell_width)

Save the cell width field on a lon/lat grid to self.cell_width_filename and plot

set_resources([cpus_per_task, ...])

Update the resources for the subtask.


Add some input files

update_namelist_at_runtime(options[, out_name])

Update an existing namelist file with additional options.


Modify the namelist so the number of PIO tasks and the stride between them consistent with the number of nodes and cores (one PIO task per node).

update_streams_at_runtime(package, streams, ...)

Update the streams files during the run phase of this step using the given template and replacements.