MPAS-Albany Land Ice Public Releases

As of May 2021, MPAS-Albany-Landice is developed within the E3SM repository. MALI development occurs in a development repository at (Development in that repository is periodically merged into the primary E3SM repository, The MALI code is located in the subdirectory components/mpas-albany-landice, and can be compiled as a stand-alone land ice model, or within the E3SM coupled climate model.

Download and build instructions for the Albany multiphysics package that includes the First-Order velocity solver in MPAS-Albany Land Ice can be found at the Albany repository.

MPAS-Albany Land Ice Public Releases
Version Number Date Description User's Guide Test Cases
6.0 April 17, 2018 Addition of Albany FO velocity solver, thermal solver, subglacial hydrology model, calving, analysis members, coupling to E3SM. v6.0 User's Guide v6.0 Test Case Archive
3.0 Nov. 18, 2014 Introduction of run-time streams n/a n/a
2.0 Nov. 15, 2013 Initial release of LI core n/a n/a