MPAS-Ocean Releases

MPAS-Ocean is developed within the E3SM repository at, as of May 2021. The code is located in the subdirectory components/mpas-ocean, and can be compiled as a stand-alone ocean model, or within the E3SM coupled climate model. We also support the Configuration Of Model for Prediction Across Scales Setups (COMPASS) repository at COMPASS is a python package that provides an automated system to set up test cases for MPAS-Ocean. There is further documentation on both COMPASS and running MPAS-Ocean at

Previous releases of MPAS-Ocean are listed below. Please ensure you are using a combination of user's guide, input file, source code, and api reference for the same version number as information can change between versions. For information about citing MPAS-Ocean please see MPAS-Ocean Information.

For more release details, check the MPAS github tag page. Incremental releases may not be listed in the following table. MPAS-Ocean does not participate in all releases.

Version Number Release Date
Version 6.0 April 17th, 2018
Version 3.0 November 18th, 2014
Version 2.0 November 15th, 2013
Version 1.0 June 14th, 2013
Version 0.0 June 14th, 2013