Quick Start

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Python remapping tools for climate and earth system models.


To use the latest version for developers, get the code from: https://github.com/MPAS-Dev/pyremap

Then, you will need to set up a conda environment and install the package in a way that points to the repo (so changes you make are available in the conda environment):

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict
conda create -y -n pyremap --file dev-spec.txt
conda activate pyremap
python -m pip install -e .


cd examples

First, make mapping files for a lat-lon grid, and test it out by remapping temperature from the example file:

wget https://web.lcrc.anl.gov/public/e3sm/inputdata/ocn/mpas-o/oQU240/ocean.QU.240km.151209.nc

You should now see the mapping file:


as well as the input file (an initial condition for the MPAS-Ocean model) and an example of temperature from the initial condition remapped to the new grid.


Second, let’s try the same but to an Antarctic stereographic grid:


Now, there’s a new mapping file and example output file:


Finally, let’s remap the temperature on the Antarctic grid to a lower resolution Antarctic grid:

./remap_stereographic.py -i temp_6000.0x6000.0km_10.0km_Antarctic_stereo.nc \
    -o temp_6000.0x6000.0km_20.0km_Antarctic_stereo.nc -r 20

This created another mapping file and an output file: