mpas_tools.mesh.conversion.mask(dsMesh, fcMask=None, fcSeed=None, logger=None, dir=None)[source]

Use MpasMaskCreator.x to create a set of region masks either from mask feature collections or from seed points to be used to flood fill

  • dsMesh (xarray.Dataset, optional) – An MPAS mesh on which the masks should be created

  • fcMask (geometric_features.FeatureCollection, optional) – A feature collection containing features to use to create the mask

  • fcSeed (geometric_features.FeatureCollection, optional) – A feature collection with points to use a seeds for a flood fill that will create a mask of all cells connected to the seed points

  • logger (logging.Logger, optional) – A logger for the output if not stdout

  • dir (str, optional) – A directory in which a temporary directory will be added with files produced during mask creation and then deleted upon completion.


dsMask (xarray.Dataset) – The masks