mpas_tools.transects.angular_distance(x=None, y=None, z=None, first=None, second=None)[source]

Compute angular distance between points on the sphere, following:

  • x (numpy.ndarray, optional) – The Cartesian x coordinate of a transect, where the number of segments is len(x) - 1. x, y and z are of the same length and all must be present if first and second are not provided.

  • y (numpy.ndarray, optional) – The Cartesian y coordinate of the transect

  • z (numpy.ndarray, optional) – The Cartesian z coordinate of the transect

  • first (mpas_tools.transect.Vector, optional) – The start points of each segment of the transect, where the x, y, and z attributes of each vector are numpy.ndarray objects.

  • second (mpas_tools.transect.Vector, optional) – The end points of each segment of the transect


angularDistance (numpy.ndarray) – The angular distance (in radians) between segments of the transect.