mpas_tools.mesh.mask.compute_mpas_flood_fill_mask(dsMesh, fcSeed, daGrow=None, logger=None, workers=-1)[source]

Flood fill from the given set of seed points to create a contiguous mask. The flood fill operates using cellsOnCell, starting from the cells whose centers are closest to the seed points.

  • dsMesh (xarray.Dataset) – An MPAS mesh on which the masks should be created

  • fcSeed (geometric_features.FeatureCollection) – A feature collection containing points at which to start the flood fill

  • daGrow (xarray.DataArray, optional) – A data array of size nCells with a mask that is 1 anywhere the flood fill is allowed to grow. The default is that the mask is all ones.

  • logger (logging.Logger, optional) – A logger for the output if not stdout

  • workers (int, optional) – The number of threads used for finding nearest neighbors. The default is all available threads (workers=-1)


dsMask (xarray.Dataset) – The masks