mpas_tools.seaice.regions.make_regions_file(filenameIcePresent, filenameMesh, regionType, varname, limit, filenameOut)[source]

  • filenameIcePresent (str) – A filename for a file containing the field specified in varname that determines where ice may be present

  • filenameMesh (str) – The name of a file containing the MPAS-Seaice mesh

  • regionType ({"three_region", "two_region_eq", "three_region_eq", "five_region_eq"}) – The type of regions to write

  • varname (str) – The name of the variable that determines where ice might be present

  • limit (float) – For regionType either three_region or five_region_eq, the value of the varname field above which ice is considered to be present. For other regionType values, the limit is always 0.5 and this parameter is ignored.

  • filenameOut (str) – The NetCDF filename to write the resulting region field to