The [plot] section of a configuration file contains options that define default properties for all plots produce by MPAS-Analysis:

## options related to plotting that are the defaults across all analysis
## modules

# font size on axes
axisFontSize = 16

# the default font size for axis ticks, etc.
defaultFontSize = 10

# title and axis font properties for single-panel plots
titleFontSize = 16
titleFontColor = black
titleFontWeight = normal
axisFontSize = 12

# font size for cartopy grid labels
cartopyGridFontSize = 12

# the dots per inch of output figures
dpi = 200

# Write out PDFs in addition to PNGs?
pdf = False

The options for title font size, color and weight as well as axis font size specify properties of these parts of each plot. The default font size covers the axis tick marks, color-bar ticks and axis labels, contour labels, etc. The cartopy grid font size are for the labels (either interior or along the plot boundary) for cartopy labels. Sizes are given in points.

The value of dpi specifies the resolution of the images written out by MPAS-Analysis (in dots per inch). The default produces large images that are appropriate for zooming in substantially and may be sufficient for publication. They are large (but not entirely unmanageable) for the web.

You can set pdf = True to write out PDF files in the plots subdirectory along with PNG files. The PDFs are not copied to the HTML folder.

Many types of individual plots, including climatologies, transects, Hovmoller plots, and most time series, also support setting the defaultFontSize and titleFontSize config options just of that type of plot.