A variety of observational datasets are used within MPAS-Analysis:

Ocean Observations

Observational Dataset



SST merged Hadley Center-NOAA/OI data set

NCAR Hadley-NOAA/OI SST website

Hurrell et al. (2008)

SSS from NASA Aquarius satellite

NASA Aquarius Website

Lagerloef et al. (2015)

WOA18 Temperature and Salinity Climatology

NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) website

AVISO Absolute Dynamic Topography


AVISO: Sea Surface Height above Geoid

Argo Mixed Layer Depth (MLD) climatology

UCSD Mixed Layer Website

Meridional Heat Transport (MHT)

Data available upon request from Dr. Kevin Trenberth

Trenberth and Caron (2001)

Roemmich-Gilson Argo Climatology

Scripps Roemmich-Gilson Argo Website

Roemmich and Gilson (2009)

2005-2010 climatology from SOSE the Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE)

SOSE Website at UCSD

Mazloff et al. (2010)

Antarctic melt rates and fluxes

Ice-Shelf Melting Around Antarctica

Rignot et al. (2013)

HadISST Nino 3.4 Index

NCAR Hadley-NOAA/OI SST website

Hurrell et al. (2008)

ERS SSTv4 Nino 3.4 Index

NOAA ERSST v4 website

Antarctic Seafloor Temperature and Salinity

ASCII data file

Schmidtko et al. (2014)

WOCE sections

Orsi and Whitworth (2005)

World Ocean Atlas v2

Landschuetzerv2016 SOM-FFN

SOM-FFN Website


Ocean Color Website


GLODAPv2 Website

Surface Current Variance from Drifter Data


Laurindo et al. (2017)

Sea Ice Observations

Observational Dataset



Ice concentration: SSM/I, NASATeam algorithm

NSIDC NASATeam Website

Cavalieri et al. (1996)

Ice concentration: SSM/I, Bootstrap algorithm

NSIDC Bootstrap Website

Comiso (2017)

Ice area and extent time series: SSM/I derived

NASA Ice area and extent website

IceSat Ice Thickness

NASA: Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard and Thickness

Yi and Zwally (2009)

PIOMAS Arctic Sea Ice Volume Reanalysis

PIOMAS website

Sea ice production and transport: Haumann et al 2016


Haumann et al (2016), data Haumann et al (2016), paper

Iceberg Concentration: Altiberg

Altiberg website

Details on Each Data Set