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The Hydrographic Programme of the international World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) was a comprehensive global hydrographic survey of physical and chemical properties, of unprecedented scope and quality, and represents the “state of the oceans” during the 1990s.

The “Printed Atlas” is a copy of the published volume and contains full introductory text. The “Digital Atlas” presents the same graphical material, with additional properties and levels, ancillary data sets, and bibliographic material for each of the vertical sections.


The CCHDO’s primary mission is to deliver the highest possible quality global CTD and hydrographic data to users. These data are a product of decades of observations related to the physical characteristics of ocean waters carried out during WOCE, CLIVAR and numerous other oceanographic research programs. Whenever possible we provide these data in three easy-to-use formats: WHP-Exchange (which we recommend for data submissions to the CCHDO), WOCE, and netCDF. global Argo and OceanSITES programs.


Release Policy

“Public” data may be placed on-line. They may be exchanged between investigators as desired. They may or may not be preliminary, and especially for preliminary public data users are strongly advised to contact the originating investigators regarding the status of updates or further data processing. See Full Policy


Orsi and Whitworth (2005)

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