Vector Operations

MPAS-Tools has a Vector class and an unrelated tool for performing vector reconstructions at cell centers from fields defined at edge normals.

Vector Class

The mpas_tools.vector.Vector class defines a single vector (with components that are floats) or a vector field (with components that are numpy.ndarray objects). See the API documentation for the individual methods to find out more.

Vector Reconstructions

The command-line tool vector_reconstruct and the function mpas_tools.vector.reconstruct.reconstruct_variable() are used to reconstruct Cartesian (X, Y, Z), zonal and meridional components of an MPAS vector field at cell centers, given the field on edge normals.

This tool requires that the field coeffs_reconstruct has been saved to a NetCDF file. The simplest way to do this is to include the following stream in a forward run:

<stream name="vector_reconstruction"

    <var name="coeffs_reconstruct"/>

and run the model for one time step.

Then, vector_reconstruct is called with:

$ vector_reconstruct --help
usage: vector_reconstruct [-h] [-m MESH_FILENAME] [-w WEIGHTS_FILENAME] -i
                          IN_FILENAME -v VARIABLES [VARIABLES ...]
                          [--out_variables OUT_VARIABLES [OUT_VARIABLES ...]]
                          -o OUT_FILENAME

You must supply input and output files and a list of one or more variables on edge normals to reconstruct. You can optionally supply a separate file that contains the MPAS mesh if it is not part of the input file, a file with coeffs_reconstruct if it is not in the input file, and a list of variable prefixes corresponding to each variable supplied that should be prepended to the Cartesian, zonal and meridional reconstructions for that variable.