The landice/greenland test group runs tests with a coarse (20-km) Greenland mesh.


FO velocity solution visualized in Paraview.

The test group includes 3 test cases, each of which has one or more steps that are variants on run_model (given other names in the decomposition and restart test cases to distinguish multiple model runs), which performs time integration of the model.

The test cases in this test group can run with either the SIA or FO velocity solvers. Running with the FO solver requires a build of MALI that includes Albany, but the SIA variant of the test can be run without Albany. The FO version uses no-slip basal boundary condition.

config options

There are no config options specific to this test group.


landice/greenland/smoke_test is the default version of the greenland test case for a short (5-day) test run.


landice/greenland/decomposition_test runs short (5-day) integrations of the model forward in time on 1 (1proc_run step) and then on 4 cores (4proc_run step) to make sure the resulting prognostic variables are bit-for-bit identical between the two runs.


landice/greenland/2000m/restart_test first run a short (5-day) integration of the model forward in time (full_run step). Then, a second step (restart_run) performs a 3-day, then a 2-day run, where the second begins from a restart file saved by the first. Prognostic variables are compared between the “full” and “restart” runs at year 2 to make sure they are bit-for-bit identical.