The landice/humboldt test group creates a 1-10km Humboldt Glacier mesh.


Ice thickness on Humboldt 1-10km variable resolution mesh.

The test group includes a single test case that creates the variable resolution mesh.

config options

The test group uses the following default config options:

# number of levels in the mesh
levels = 10

# distance from ice margin to cull (km).
# Set to a value <= 0 if you do not want
# to cull based on distance from margin.
cull_distance = 5.0

# mesh density parameters
# minimum cell spacing (meters)
min_spac = 1.e3
# maximum cell spacing (meters)
max_spac = 1.e4
# log10 of max speed (m/yr) for cell spacing
high_log_speed = 2.5
# log10 of min speed (m/yr) for cell spacing
low_log_speed = 0.75
# distance at which cell spacing = max_spac (meters)
high_dist = 1.e5
# distance within which cell spacing = min_spac (meters)
low_dist = 1.e4

# mesh density functions
use_speed = True
use_dist_to_grounding_line = False
use_dist_to_edge = True


landice/humboldt/default createst the 1-10km variable resolution mesh. There is no model integration step.