The mismipplus test group (compass.landice.tests.mismipplus.MISMIPplus) performs a short smoke test of the MISMIP+ mesh (see mismipplus). Here, we describe the shared framework for this test group and the 1 test case.


There are no shared config options for the mismipplus test group.

The mismipplus test should only be run with the FO velocity solver, or with a data velocity field. Running with the FO solver requires building MALI with the Albany library.

The test group has a shared namelist.landice file with a few common namelist options related to time step and run duration, and a shared streams.landice file that defines input, restart, and output streams. There also is an albany_input.yaml file for running the FO solver.


The class compass.landice.tests.mismipplus.run_model.RunModel defines a step for running MALI using an initial condition downloaded from the shared data server.


The compass.landice.tests.mismipplus.smoke_test.SmokeTest performs a 5 year run. There is a validation step that compares the output file against itself. This is to allow the test to be compared against a baseline if desired.