compass.ocean.tests.isomip_plus.evap.update_evaporation_flux(in_forcing_file, out_forcing_file, out_forcing_link)[source]

Update the “evaporation” fluxes used to keep sea level under control for the ISOMIP+ experiments. The fields evaporationFlux, seaIceSalinityFlux and seaIceHeatFlux are used to apply thickness, salt and heat fluxes at the surface near the northern boundary to act as a “spillway” preventing sea level from rising much above zero.

  • in_forcing_file (str) – The original forcing file to be copied and be altered

  • out_forcing_file (str) – The new forcing file with updated “evaporation” fluxes

  • out_forcing_link (str) – A symlink that initially pointed in_forcing_file but will be updated to point to out_forcing_file.