Source code for geometric_features.aggregation

from geometric_features.aggregation.ocean import basins, subbasins, \
    antarctic, greenland, ice_shelves, ismip6, arctic as arctic_ocean, \
    transport, arctic_transport, moc
from geometric_features.aggregation.seaice import arctic as arctic_seaice

[docs] def get_aggregator_by_name(region_group): """ Get a geojson mask file and the appropriate file suffix for the given region group. Parameters ---------- region_group : str The name of a region group to get mask features for, one of 'Antarctic Regions', 'Arctic Ocean Regions', 'Arctic Sea Ice Regions', 'Ocean Basins', 'Ice Shelves', 'Ocean Subbasins', 'ISMIP6 Regions', 'MOC Basins', 'Transport Transects', or 'Arctic Transport Transects' Returns ------- function : callable An aggregation functions for collecting the features, which takes a :py:class:`geometric_features.GeometricFeatures` object as its argument prefix : str A prefix (or suffix) for use in file names that corresponds to the region group date : str A date stamp when the regions in ``fc`` were last modified. This date can be used to cache masks based on these regions as long as the date remains the same. """ regions = {'Antarctic Regions': {'prefix': 'antarcticRegions', 'date': '20230403', 'function': antarctic}, 'Arctic Ocean Regions': {'prefix': 'arcticOceanRegions', 'date': '20201130', 'function': arctic_ocean}, 'Arctic Sea Ice Regions': {'prefix': 'arcticSeaIceRegions', 'date': '20201130', 'function': arctic_seaice}, 'Ocean Basins': {'prefix': 'oceanBasins', 'date': '20200621', 'function': basins}, 'Ice Shelves': {'prefix': 'iceShelves', 'date': '20200621', 'function': ice_shelves}, 'Ocean Subbasins': {'prefix': 'oceanSubbasins', 'date': '20201123', 'function': subbasins}, 'Greenland Regions': {'prefix': 'greenlandRegions', 'date': '20240510', 'function': greenland}, 'ISMIP6 Regions': {'prefix': 'ismip6Regions', 'date': '20210201', 'function': ismip6}, 'MOC Basins': {'prefix': 'mocBasins', 'date': '20210623', 'function': moc}, 'Transport Transects': {'prefix': 'transportTransects', 'date': '20210323', 'function': transport}, 'Arctic Transport Transects': {'prefix': 'arcticTransportTransects', 'date': '20220926', 'function': arctic_transport}} if region_group not in regions: raise ValueError(f'Unknown region group {region_group}') region = regions[region_group] prefix = region['prefix'] date = region['date'] function = region['function'] return function, prefix, date