FeatureCollection.plot(projection, maxLength=4.0, figsize=None, colors=None, dpi=200)[source]

Plot the features on a map using cartopy.

  • projection (str or –

    A cartopy projection object or one of the internally defined map names:

    ’cyl’, ‘merc’, ‘mill’, ‘mill2’, ‘moll’, ‘moll2’, ‘robin’, ‘robin2’, ‘ortho’, ‘northpole’, ‘southpole’, ‘atlantic’, ‘pacific’, ‘americas’, ‘asia’

  • maxLength (float, optional) – Maximum allowed segment length after subdivision for smoother plotting (0.0 indicates skip subdivision)

  • figsize (tuple of float) – Size of the figure in inches

  • colors (list of str) – Colors to cycle through for the shapes

  • dpi (int) – Dots per inch for the figure


fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure) – The figure