, objectType, featureNames=None, tags=None, allTags=True)[source]

Read one or more features from the cached collection of geometric features. If any of the requested features have not been cached, they are downloaded from the geometric_features GitHub repository. If neither featureNames nor tags are specified, all features of the component and object type are read in.

  • componentName ({'bedmachine', 'bedmap2', 'iceshelves', 'landice', 'natural_earth', 'ocean'}) – The component from which to retrieve the geometric features

  • objectType ({'point', 'transect', 'region'}) – The type of geometry to load, a point (0D), transect (1D) or region (2D)

  • featureNames (list of str, optional) – The names of geometric features to read

  • tags (list of str, optional) – A list of tags to check for. When allTags=True, a feature is only read in if it has all tags. Otherwise, features with any of the tags are read.

  • allTags (bool, optional) – Whether a feature must have all tags (instead of any of the tags)


fc (geometric_features.FeatureCollection) – The feature collection read in