mpas_tools.ocean.coastal_tools.compute_cell_width(D, cell_width, lon, lat, dx_min, trans_start, trans_width, restrict_box, plot_option=False, plot_box=[], coastlines=[], call=None)[source]

Blend cell widths from the input field with the new resolution in the refined region determined by the distance to the coastline contour.

  • D (ndarray) – A len(lat) x len(lon) array of distances in meters on the lon/lat grid to the closest point in the (smoothed) coastline contour returned from distance_to_coast()

  • cell_width (ndarray) – A len(lat) x len(lon) array of cell widths in meters

  • lon (ndarray) – A 1D array of longitudes in degrees in the range from -180 to 180

  • lat (ndarray) – A 1D array of latitudes in degrees in the range from -90 to 90

  • dx_min (float) – The resolution in meters of the new refined region.

  • trans_start (float) – The approximate value of D in meters at which the transition in resolution should start

  • trans_width (float) – The approximate width in meters over which the transition in resolution should take place

  • restrict_box (dict of lists of ndarrays) – A region of made up of quadrilaterals to include and exclude that defines where resolution may be altered. Outside of the restrict_box, the resolution remains unchanged.

  • plot_option (bool, optional) – Whether to plot the resulting coastline points and the plot to files named cell_width###.png and trans_func###.png`, where ### is given by call and is meant to indicate how many times this function has been called during mesh creation.

  • plot_box (list of float, optional) – The extent of the plot if plot_option=True

  • coastlines (ndarray) – An n x 2 array of (longitude, latitude) points along the coastline contours returned from extract_coastlines() used in plotting if plot_option=True

  • call (int, optional) – The number of times the function has been called, used to give the plot a unique name.


cell_width (ndarray) – A len(lat) x len(lon) array of the new cell widths in meters