mpas_tools.ocean.transects.interp_mpas_to_transect_triangle_nodes(dsTransectTriangles, da)[source]

Interpolate a 3D (nCells by nVertLevels) MPAS-Ocean DataArray to transect nodes, linearly interpolating fields between the closest neighboring cells

  • dsTransectTriangles (xarray.Dataset) – A dataset that defines triangles making up an MPAS-Ocean transect, the results of calling find_transect_levels_and_weights()

  • da (xarray.DataArray) – An MPAS-Ocean 3D field with dimensions nCells` and nVertLevels (possibly among others)


daNodes (xarray.DataArray) – The data array interpolated to transect nodes with dimensions nTransectTriangles and nTriangleNodes (in addition to whatever dimensions were in da besides nCells and nVertLevels)