name: coastal_tools authors: Steven Brus

last modified: 07/09/2018


CPP_projection(lon, lat, origin)

coastal_refined_mesh(params[, cell_width, ...])

Optionally create a background field of cell widths, then add a region of refined resolution to the cell widths.

compute_cell_width(D, cell_width, lon, lat, ...)

Blend cell widths from the input field with the new resolution in the refined region determined by the distance to the coastline contour.

create_background_mesh(grd_box, ddeg, ...[, ...])

Create a background field of cell widths

distance_to_coast(coastlines, lon_grd, lat_grd)

Extracts a set of coastline contours

extract_coastlines(nc_file, nc_vars, region_box)

Extracts a set of coastline contours



get_data_inside_box(lon, lat, data, box[, idx])

get_indices_inside_quad(lon, lat, box[, grid])

plot_coarse_coast(ax, plot_box)

plot_region_box(box, color)

save_matfile(cell_width, lon, lat)

smooth_coastline(x, y, window)