mpas_tools.seaice.mask.extend_seaice_mask(filenameMesh, filenamePresence, extendDistance, unitSphere=False)[source]

Add a field icePresenceExtended to filenamePresence if it doesn’t already exist. This field is the icePresence field extended by a distance of extendDistance.

  • filenameMesh (str) – The filename of the MPAS-Seaice mesh

  • filenamePresence (str) – A filename for a file containing an icePresence field to be extended and to which a new icePresenceExtended will be added

  • extendDistance (float) – The distance in km to expand (no expansion is performed if extendDistance=0.0)

  • unitSphere (bool, optional) – Whether the mesh is provided on the unit sphere, rather than one with the radius of the Earth