mpas_tools.seaice.partition.gen_seaice_mesh_partition(meshFilename, regionFilename, nProcsArray, mpasCullerLocation, outputPrefix, plotting, metis, cullEquatorialRegion)[source]

Generate graph partition(s) for the given MPAS-Seaice mesh and the given number(s) of processors and a file defining regions that each processor should own part of (typically a polar region and an equatorial region)

  • meshFilename (str) – The name of a file containing the MPAS-Seaice mesh

  • regionFilename (str) – The name of a file containing a region field defining different regions that each processor should own part of

  • nProcsArray (list or int) – The number(s) of processors to create graph partitions for

  • mpasCullerLocation (str or None) – The directory for the MpasCellCuller.x tool or None to look in the user’s path

  • outputPrefix (str) – The prefix to prepend to each graph partition file

  • plotting (bool) – Whether to create a NetCDF file to use for plotting the partitions

  • metis (str) – The exectable to use for partitioning in each region

  • cullEquatorialRegion (bool) – Whether to remove the equatorial region from the paritions