HadISST Nino 3.4 Index


Nino 3.4 Index is computed from the Hadley-OI sea surface temperature (SST) and sea ice concentration (SIC) data set. This product was specifically developed as surface forcing data set for AMIP style uncoupled simulations of the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM). The Hadley Centre’s SST/SIC version 1.1 (HADISST1), which is derived gridded, bias-adjusted in situ observations, were merged with the NOAA-Optimal Interpolation (version 2; OI.v2) analyses. The HADISST1 spanned 1870 onward but the OI.v2, which started in November 1981, better resolved features such as the Gulf Stream and Kuroshio Current which are important components of the climate system. Since the two data sets used different development methods, anomalies from a base period were used to create a more homogeneous record. Also, additional adjustments were made to the SIC data set.


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Acknowledgment: Hurrell, J. W., J. J. Hack, D. Shea, J. M. Caron, and J. Rosinski, 2008: A New Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Boundary Dataset for the Community Atmosphere Model. Journal of Climate, 21, 5145-5153.


Hurrell et al. (2008)

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