Roemmich-Gilson Argo Climatology


This new version of the Roemmich-Gilson Argo Climatology extends the analysis of Argo-only derived potential temperature and salinity fields through 2016. Several marginal seas and the Artic Oean have been added. The analysis method is similar to what was descibed in the Progress In Oceanography Roemmich and Gilson paper (2009). The only modification has been to scale the zonal equatorial correlation of the optimal estimation step, by 8 times, versus 4 times as in the 2009 paper. The additional Argo data utilized in the analysis results in a longer monthly record as well as better estimates of the mean and variability fields. Monthly updates are available in between major yearly re-analyses.


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Acknowledgment: Roemmich, D. and J. Gilson, 2009: The 2004-2008 mean and annual cycle of temperature, salinity, and steric height in the global ocean from the Argo Program. Progress in Oceanography, 82, 81-100.


Roemmich and Gilson (2009)

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