mpas_tools.ocean.moc.make_moc_basins_and_transects(gf, mesh_filename, mask_and_transect_filename, geojson_filename=None, mask_filename=None, logger=None, dir=None)[source]

Builds features defining the ocean basins and southern transects used in computing the meridional overturning circulation (MOC)

  • gf (geometric_features.GeometricFeatures) – An object that knows how to download and read geometric features

  • mesh_filename (str) – A file with MPAS mesh information

  • mask_and_transect_filename (str) – A file to write the MOC region masks and southern-boundary transects to

  • geojson_filename (str, optional) – A file to write MOC regions to

  • mask_filename (str, optional) – A file to write MOC region masks to

  • logger (logging.Logger, optional) – A logger for the output if not stdout

  • dir (str, optional) – A directory in which a temporary directory will be added with files produced during conversion and then deleted upon completion.


fc (geometric_features.FeatureCollection) – The new feature collection