mpas_tools.transects.subdivide_planar(x, y, maxRes)[source]

Subdivide each segment of the transect so the horizontal resolution approximately matches the requested resolution

Uses a formula for interpolating unit vectors on the sphere from

  • x (numpy.ndarray) – The planar x coordinate of a transect, where the number of segments is len(x) - 1

  • y (numpy.ndarray) – The planar y coordinates of the transect, the same length as x

  • maxRes (float) – The maximum allowed spacing in m after subdivision


  • xOut (numpy.ndarray) – The x coordinate of the transect, subdivided into segments with length at most maxRes. All the points in x are guaranteed to be included.

  • yOut (numpy.ndarray) – The y coordinate of the transect. All the points in y are guaranteed to be included.

  • dIn (numpy.ndarray) – The distance along the transect before subdivision

  • dOut (numpy.ndarray) – The distance along the transect after subdivision