Source code for geometric_features.aggregation.ocean.ocean_basins

from geometric_features import FeatureCollection

[docs] def basins(gf): """ Aggregate Global Ocean as well as Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern Ocean, Equatorial (global 15S-15N), and Mediterranean basins Parameters ---------- gf : geometric_features.GeometricFeatures An object that knows how to download and read geometric features Returns ------- fc : geometric_features.FeatureCollection The new feature collection with ocean basins """ # Authors # ------- # Xylar Asay-Davis fc = FeatureCollection() fc.set_group_name(groupName='OceanBasinRegionsGroup') # build ocean basins from regions with the appropriate tags for oceanName in ['Atlantic', 'Pacific', 'Indian', 'Arctic', 'Southern_Ocean', 'Mediterranean']: basinName = '{}_Basin'.format(oceanName) print(oceanName) print(' * merging features') fcBasin ='ocean', objectType='region', tags=[basinName]) print(' * combining features') fcBasin = fcBasin.combine(featureName=basinName) fc.merge(fcBasin) # add the global ocean, global ocean between 65S and 65S, and # equatorial region fc.merge('ocean', objectType='region', featureNames=['Global Ocean', 'Global Ocean 65N to 65S', 'Global Ocean 15S to 15N'])) return fc