mpas_tools.mesh.creation.build_mesh.build_planar_mesh(cellWidth, x, y, geom_points, geom_edges, out_filename='', logger=None)[source]

Build a planar MPAS mesh

  • cellWidth (ndarray) – m x n array of cell width in km

  • x (ndarray) – arrays defining planar coordinates in meters

  • y (ndarray) – arrays defining planar coordinates in meters

  • geom_points (ndarray) – list of point coordinates for bounding polygon for the planar mesh

  • geom_edges (ndarray) – list of edges between points in geom_points that define the bounding polygon

  • out_filename (str, optional) – The file name of the resulting MPAS mesh

  • logger (logging.Logger, optional) – A logger for the output if not stdout