mpas_tools.mesh.creation.mesh_definition_tools.RRS_CellWidthVsLat(lat, cellWidthEq, cellWidthPole)[source]

Create Rossby Radius Scaling as a function of lat. This is intended as part of the workflow to make an MPAS global mesh.

  • lat (ndarray) – vector of length n, with entries between -90 and 90, degrees

  • cellWidthEq (float, optional) – Cell width in km at the equator

  • cellWidthPole (float, optional) – Cell width in km at the poles


cellWidthOut (ndarray) – 1D array of same length as lat with entries that are cell width as a function of lat


>>> RRS18to6 = EC_CellWidthVsLat(lat, 18., 6.)