mpas_tools.mesh.creation.signed_distance.signed_distance_from_geojson(fc, lon_grd, lat_grd, earth_radius, max_length=None, workers=-1)[source]

Get the distance for each point on a lon/lat grid from the closest point on the boundary of the geojson regions.

  • fc (geometrics_features.FeatureCollection) – The regions to be rasterized

  • lon_grd (numpy.ndarray) – A 1D array of longitude values

  • lat_grd (numpy.ndarray) – A 1D array of latitude values

  • earth_radius (float) – Earth radius in meters

  • max_length (float, optional) – The maximum distance (in degrees) between points on the boundary of the geojson region. If the boundary is too coarse, it will be subdivided.

  • workers (int, optional) – The number of threads used for finding nearest neighbors. The default is all available threads (workers=-1)


signed_distance (numpy.ndarray) – A 2D field of distances (negative inside the region, positive outside) to the shape boundary