Source code for compass.cache

import argparse
import json
import os
import pickle
import shutil
import sys
from datetime import datetime
from importlib import resources

from compass.config import CompassConfigParser
from import package_path

[docs] def update_cache(step_paths, date_string=None, dry_run=False): """ Cache one or more compass output files for use in a cached variant of the test case or step Parameters ---------- step_paths : list of str The relative path of the original (uncached) steps from the base work directory date_string : str, optional The datestamp (YYMMDD) to use on the files. Default is today's date. dry_run : bool, optional Whether this is a dry run (producing the json file but not copying files to the LCRC server) """ if 'COMPASS_MACHINE' not in os.environ: machine = None invalid = True else: machine = os.environ['COMPASS_MACHINE'] invalid = machine not in ['anvil', 'chrysalis'] if invalid: raise ValueError('You must cache files from either Anvil or Chrysalis') config = CompassConfigParser() config.add_from_package('compass.machines', '{}.cfg'.format(machine)) if date_string is None: date_string ="%y%m%d") # make a dictionary with MPAS cores as keys, and lists of steps as values steps = dict() for path in step_paths: with open(f'{path}/step.pickle', 'rb') as handle: _, step = pickle.load(handle) mpas_core = if mpas_core in steps: steps[mpas_core].append(step) else: steps[mpas_core] = [step] with package_path('compass', 'database_subdirs.json') as path: with open(path) as data_file: database_subdirs = json.load(data_file) database_root = config.get('paths', 'database_root') # now, iterate over cores and steps for mpas_core in steps: core_path = database_subdirs[mpas_core] cache_root = f'{database_root}/{core_path}/compass_cache' package = f'compass.{mpas_core}' try: with open(f'{mpas_core}_cached_files.json') as data_file: cached_files = json.load(data_file) except FileNotFoundError: # we don't have a local version of the file yet, let's see if # there's a remote one for this MPAS core try: with resources.path(package, 'cached_files.json') as path: with open(path) as data_file: cached_files = json.load(data_file) except FileNotFoundError: # no cached files yet for this core cached_files = dict() for step in steps[mpas_core]: # load the step from its pickle file step_path = step.path for output in step.outputs: output = os.path.basename(output) out_filename = os.path.join(step_path, output) # remove the MPAS core from the file path target = out_filename[len(mpas_core) + 1:] path, ext = os.path.splitext(target) target = f'{path}.{date_string}{ext}' cached_files[out_filename] = target print(out_filename) print(f' ==> {target}') output_path = f'{cache_root}/{target}' print(f' copy to: {output_path}') print() if not dry_run: directory = os.path.dirname(output_path) try: os.makedirs(directory) except FileExistsError: pass shutil.copyfile(out_filename, output_path) out_filename = f'{mpas_core}_cached_files.json' with open(out_filename, 'w') as data_file: json.dump(cached_files, data_file, indent=4)
def main(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description='Cache the output files from one or more steps for use in ' 'a cached variant of the step', prog='compass cache') parser.add_argument("-i", "--orig_steps", nargs='+', dest="orig_steps", type=str, help="The relative path of the original (uncached) " "steps from the base work directory", metavar="STEP") parser.add_argument("-d", "--date_string", dest="date_string", type=str, help="The datestamp (YYMMDD) to use on the files. " "Default is today's date.", metavar="DATE") parser.add_argument("-r", "--dry_run", dest="dry_run", help="Whether this is a dry run (producing the json " "file but not copying files to the LCRC server).", action="store_true") args = parser.parse_args(sys.argv[2:]) update_cache(step_paths=args.orig_steps, date_string=args.date_string, dry_run=args.dry_run)